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Rebuilding a Clansman 1Ah 24 Volt Battery

By  Michael Kennedy (EI6IRB) The objective was to undertake a basic rebuild of a 1Ah 24v alkaline Clansman radio battery (NSN 6140-99-620-8058) to allow it to be used on various Clansman radios, particularly the PRC-320 and PRC-351. The battery arrived among the ancillaries with a recently purchased PRC319. It was manufactured in July 1989. Unlikely to charge, let alone hold a charge, the battery was test-charged under constant observation using a standard Clansman 28v battery charger (NSN 6130-99-117-0450). The battery case soon became hand-hot and after ten to fifteen minutes it began leaking battery content which appeared to ‘boil’ and bubble out of the top of the unit. Unsurprisingly, the battery did not hold a charge. As anticipated, it was unserviceable. As the case was in a very good cosmetic condition, there was every chance that the battery could be refitted with a similar voltage and ampere battery and made serviceable again. The first task was to open the unit and remove the

JOTA-JOTI Weekend 2022

Members of East Leinster Amateur Radio Club, the 98th Dublin Scouts and the 7th Kildare Scouts have teamed up to activate EI-98-JOTA (Dublin) and EI-7-JOTS (Kildare) for the 2022 JOTA-JOTI weekend. We look forward to making contact with you by HF (80/40/20) , VHF (2m/4m) or DMR over the weekend. 15-16 October 2022. HF 80m  3.690 Mhz +/- QRM 40m  7.090 Mhz +/- QRM 20m 14.290 Mhz +/- QRM Listen out for us on DMR Talk Group 272907 JOTA IRL. Local VHF 2 Meter Repeaters EI2KPR - 145.7625 -0.6 Mhz  88.5 Hz (Dublin) EI2CCR - 145.6750 -0.6 Mhz 110.9 Hz (Dublin/Kildare) EI7MLD (DMR) - 430.3000 +9.0 Mhz CC1 (Kildare) Simplex on 2 Meters and 4 Meters 2m VHF Simplex - 145.5000 Mhz FM +/- QRM 4m VHF Simplex -  70.4500 Mhz FM +/- QRM 98th Dublin Scouts location is the "Bog of the Ring Scout Campsite, Dublin, Ireland" Grid IO63VN29 QSL via QRZ EI98JOTA 98 Dublin Scout Group 7th Kildare Rathangan Scouts location is the "Rathangan Scout Den, Kildare, Ireland" Grid :   IO63LF93 QSL