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International Lighthouse Lightship Weekend 2022

The  East Leinster Amateur Radio Club, operating under the callsign EI0EL, will be activating Wicklow Head Lighthouse IE0026 on Saturday 20 August 2022 as part of the International Lighthouse Lightship Weekend.   We will primarily be operating on HF, Phone, in an effort to contact other international lighthouses and lightships. In the spirit of the Club's activities on 4m, we will also be operating on 70.400 Mhz FM, +/- QRM. Coverage and range from this location will likely be somewhat restricted.   We would like to hear from others who are planning on taking part in the International Lighthouse Lightship Weekend and will be on the air on Saturday. It would be great to try and organise a QSO., HF on 80m with an antenna in NVIS configuration would be best suited to this

IRTS News on 4m 70.400 Mhz FM Sunday 7 August 2022

Thanks to all SWL's and to all that called in and provided signal reports to today's IRTS 4m News.   Todays news was broadcast from: Dunmurry Hill, Kildare  Locator : IO63ME87 ASL : 234m   Frequency : 70.400 Mhz Mode : FM   Radio : Anytone AT-588 Power : 40 Watts Antenna : 5/8 Wave Hawkins Viper Portable 4m Antenna Antenna mounted 10m above ground on a portable telescopic mast.   Thanks to Paraic, EI9IRB, for droping by to say hello and for helping with setting up and taking down the portable station. It was great to meet you and we look forward to seeing you again. Thanks Artur, EI9IKB, who is newly licensed and built his own 4m antenna for calling in with a report. We enjoy hearing new callsigns on 4m.   Today we received from call in's from:   EI4DP Ian operating static mobile from the Wicklow Gap EI5IAB Dom operating portable from Slievecorragh SOTA Summit Reference  EI/IE-039 EI6IRB Michael operating Portable from Saggart Hill SOTA Summit Reference EI/IE-044 EI2GLB Tre