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IRTS News Broadcasts on 4 Metres

The East Leinster Amateur Radio Club EI0EL successfully completed their pilot of the IRTS News Broadcast on 4 Meters. Their next broadcast will be on Sunday 4 July at 10.30am local time on a new frequency of 70.400Mhz FM. Going forward the broadcast will be on the first Sunday of every month. The club will maintain the travelling nature of the 4m News Station, probably broadcasting from more elevated sites, maybe even the odd mountain top. The East Leinster Amateur Radio Club would like to thank all radio amateur’s and shortwave listeners that called in to the 4m news and supplied signal reports, and also to those Amateurs who gave feedback and encouragement.

4 Meter News Pilot Report

By Frank McKeown EI8HIB, Chairperson ELARC The East Leinster Amateur Radio Club (ELARC) conducted a Pilot IRTS News Broadcast on the 4 metre band, on the first Sunday of April, May and June.  The News Broadcasts took place from Field stations in the East Leinster region with a portable station on 70.350 MHz using FM. ELARC had several objectives, firstly to generate greater interest in the 4 metre band, secondly to operate Field Day style with portable power and finally to have a bit of fun while operating as a team under some pressure. ELARC believe they achieved all objectives with a good number of Call-ins and a lot of experience gained.  First Broadcast, Sunday 4th April. We set-up the station on a hill approximately 2km south of Skerries. The antenna was a Viper 7/8th wave 4m antenna strung up into a tree, with the top of the antenna approximately 12m above ground. The location was about 100 metres above sea level with a good take-off to the south and west. The radio was an Anyton