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A Socially Distance Field Day

By: John EI1761 DTG :1000-1600hrs 03/01/2021 Location: IO63lf or Rathangan, Co. Kildare Before Christmas 2020 we as a club managed to do a remote field day experiment with NVIS from my village location into the valleys and hilltops around Skerries, see other write up . So it was time for me to step up and put a few certain chapters of the IRTS study guide and YouTube into reality. The agenda was to build an 80 meter dipole and tune it by reducing the leg lengths in a controlled manner until it was resonant in the middle of the band I want to use. So yeah that's the long and short of it... what's missing is the phone calls, WhatsApp video group chats and our friendly Amazon which didn't close for Christmas. With a dipole center borrowed from Tom (EI5IEB), a 33-meter spool of speaker wire and taking over the kitchen on St. Stephen's day I got to work, an annoying thing about the majority of online sites that explain dipole is they convert the frequencies to Meter band pla