4 Meter IRTS News Pilot

The members of East Leinster Amateur Radio Club have proposed reading the IRTS News on 4 metres as a Pilot for a couple of months.

** Update 21 March 2021
Successful 4m QSO while operating portable from Grid Square IO63vn with Geoff, GI0LAM, near Castlewellanin Co Down. Very clear signal and great audio. Thanks for the chat Geoff and for passing on the message to the rest of your club that we were on the air. Hope to chat to you again soon.

** Update 20 March 2021
In perpetration for our reading of the IRTS News on 4m, we will be operating portable from Grid Square IO63vn tomorrow, Sunday 22 March, and will be calling CQ on 70.450 Mhz FM Mode from 1pm to 2pm (1300 to 1400 GMT) . We will be using an Anytone AT-588 and a flowerpot antenna hoisted up as high as we can get it in a tree. It would be great to make contact and get some signal reports from other radio armatures and SWL's either via a QSO or in the comments.

We received a positive response from the IRTS and are now in the final preparation stages. 

Our aim is to broadcast the News on the First Sunday of each month at 10:30am for three months, using FM Mode on 70.350MHz, with a request for call-ins and signal reports after the broadcast.

We would like to generate some interest in 4 metres and also contribute to the hobby by providing the service to the East Leinster region.

This will be a pilot, and we will reassess the 4 metre broadcast at the end of this pilot period. The Club Station will be operating portable for the duration of this pilot.

We would be very interested in getting your feedback on this pilot.


First Date: Sunday 4th April 2021
Time: 10:30am
Frequency: 70.350MHz.
Mode: FM
Schedule: First Sunday of the month for three months.

News Readers:

Frank EI8HIB

** Update 21 March 2021
We managed to get the antenna up pretty high in tree. Great signal and great audio from Geoff, GI0LAM, 


  1. Good Luck with your IRTS News broadcast at 10.30 am . (local time ? ) Sunday 4 th April on 4 metres. I have a scanner and I may be able to hear you in Rathmines, Dublin. You might hear me later when i give a signal/ reception report to the EI 2 SDR Club Irts news at 11.45 am (on Sunday.)
    I do'nt have a 4 metre transmitter and my Yaesu 817 ca'nt RX a 4m signal .
    Paul EI 3 HAB.

  2. Thanks very much Paul.
    We had more call in's than we were expecting which was great.
    Thanks to all that give us reports prior to the news also. It's great to hear that people are actively using 4 meters. We'll have an update up later with some metrics on the call in's we received.

    Thanks again for your support.
    Tom EI5IEB


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