80m NVIS Excerise

We tried something different this weekend and took advantage of traveling to another county. This was something we as a club wanted to try for a while. 

Could we communicate effectively between Skerries and Rathangan, Co Kildare on 80m utilising NVIS?

The weekends spent building and fine tuning our portable 80m linked dipoles was about to be put to the test

Tom travelled Rathangan, Co Kildare and met up with John EI1762. They setup a portable station using a FT857D a custom built 15Ah LifePO4 battery pack, and 80m homebrew linked dipole at the local Men Shed in time to call in to the 80m IRTS News. 

Meanwhile Frank was operating portable from Badlungon and both Ben and Dom where operating from their home locations in Skerries.

After the news all stations moved to a free frequency and got a net going. Signal reports of 59 were exchanged between Tom and John in Rathangan with Frank in Badlungon. Ben, operating from home also gave a 59 report to the guys in Rathangan. Dom was monitoring 80m via a SDR station in the UK and relayed a 59 report to the group from the SDR station via WhatsApp. Tom and John also returned a 59 signal report to all other stations in the new. 

After a brief net Tom and John dropped the power down to 5 Wats and signal report where exchanged between them and Frank. A report of 56 /57 was received for both parties.

This turned out to be a very successful test show how effective NVIS on 80m can be at low power for inter-county communications.


  1. It's great when you can put the theory from a study guide into practice, cheers Tom for travelling.


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