New Toys for Portable Ops

Tom, EI5IEB recently took delivery of the Chameleon MPAS 2.0 Antenna system. Sunday was a lovely day to go out and play radio. 

Tom set up on a hill just outside Skerries to test out the vertical mil whip, mil whip extension, cap hat and hybrid micro. 

Signals were coming in strong on 20m, including a station in Osprey, Florida, K5RQ

Waiting a break between contacts a call was put out and a brief QSO was made with Dave, K5RQ, Tom received a signal report of 5 and 7. Dave was coming in at a 5 and 9

Band conditions were reported as fair for 20m, but somehow the skip was in our favour that morning. It was great to hit Florida on 50 Watts from a portable station. Approx.4180 miles, 6727 km.  


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